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Temple Winnelson's one major focus is you, the customer. Our daily commitment to you is what keeps our business thriving. What separates us from the rest is we plan our daily business around you , not plan you around our daily business. From counter sales to deliveries the customer's need is always our #1 priority.


Customer Service


Temple Winnelson has to offer over 130 years of our combined customer service, with our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff, we are here to help your every need. Have you ever spent all day searching around those large home improvement centers trying to get service from the associates, but feel you are getting the cold shoulder? How many times have you had to return merchandise that was wrong for your project? With Winnelson's knowledgeable and experienced sales staff we work with you and greet you with a smile. Our old fashion values keep our customers satisfied and helps aid in your daily needs.


Key Benefits


Knowledgeable and Experienced sales staff insure you get the material you need, to finish your project, without delay and confusion.

We keep in stock a wide variety of plumbing supplies and have a no delay special order policy for many of your custom plumbing needs.

Our old fashion values keeps our focus upon you , the customer, and strengthens our commitment to satisfy your every need




Temple Winnelson understands cost effectiveness and customer service. We understand that sometimes it is impossible to be in two places at once. How would you feel if I told you that not only does Temple Winnelson offer you top quality service and experienced personal, but free local delivery. That's right, we will delivery your material to your home or job site for absolutely free. Our cautious and courteous drivers will pull, load and deliver any product purchased from us for free.


Key Benefits


With your busy work schedule just order what is needed to fulfill the task at hand and Temple Winnelson will pull, load and deliver your material for free.

Temple Winnelson delivery drivers are there for you. We serve our customers needs and work very hard to be on time with the product you need.

The delivery cost to you is free locally. Most businesses offer delivery, but it comes with a hefty delivery charge. Where else would you find free local delivery and courteous drivers offering you their services?


Pipe Threading


Need black pipe or galvanized pipe cut or threaded? We not only sell the material you need, we can also cut it to your dimensions and save you time and money. This service is relatively new at Temple Winnelson and is currently in the process of becoming another great service we will have to offer to you , the customer.


Key Benefits


We have all your black pipe and galvanized piping needs. Everything to finish the job. Just come by or drop off a list with your measurements and we will thread and cut your pipe to precision.

All your cuts will be ready to install at your job site with no more waiting for cuts and threading.

This service is cost efficient for contractors and brings simplicity to the do it yourselfers.


WinnelsonLinden™ Pull-Out with DIAMOND™ Seal Technology.

WinnelsonRhythm® Bath Collection.

WinnelsonVictorian® Bath Collection Channel Spout.


1801 N 3rd Street, Temple, TX 76501, Phone: (254) 773-0883, Fax: (254) 773-0898